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A Myint

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On the banks of the Chindwin River amid the flat riverine countryside south of Monywa is the unspoiled backwater village of A Myint, where luxury cruisers occasionally pause for passengers to explore a complex of ancient stupas. Smothered in weeds and mildew, the crumbling zedis are scattered around a plot of slender palm trees on the edge of the village. Some retain superb murals on their walls and ceilings. Near the stupas, a picturesque teak monastery sports a traditional seven-tiered  tower, beneath which a cav- ernous interior holds antique  Buddhas and some fine wood- carving. The young novices  of the kyaung (monastery) obligingly pose for photographs beneath the building’s delicately carved window surrounds.

The only other structure of note in A Myint is the home of the former village headman. The grand double-storied mansion, built in Neo-Classical style and painted terra-cotta and ocher, dates from the British colonial era. The family who own the house, like the building itself, have seemingly fallen on hard times and retain only one vestige of their ancestral prosperity: an old windup gramophone that is still in perfect working order.

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