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Another 20 miles (32 km) to the north, Dhanyawadi is the site of a second lost city, which local legend asserts was visited by the Buddha in 554 BC. The event, which took place during the reign of King Chandra Surya, is believed to have been marked by the casting of a huge bronze Buddha statue – the illustrious Mahamuni. The figure was enshrined inside the Mahamuni Temple here until Bodawpaya’s invading army  carried it over the Rakhine- Yoma Hills to Mandalay  in 1784 . Its presiding image may have gone, but the temple, now thoroughly modernized and housing three fine Buddhas, still attracts pil grims from all over the country. A little museum near the southern walls of the shrine displays fragments of pottery and Pali inscriptions attesting to the antiquity of  Dhanyawadi, which archeol- ogists believe reached its peak  between the 4th and 6th centuries AD.

The faint outlines of oval perimeter walls, similar to those of the Pyu cities, and a square palace are invisible to visitors at ground level but may clearly be seen on satellite images.

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