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Exploring Western Myanmar

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Exquisite Ngapali beach is what tempts most travelers across the Rakhine-Yoma Hills to this little-visited, far northwest corner of the country, although few venture to make the trip overland – the road is impassable for much of the year. Taking a flight from Yangon is the best approach to Thandwe, the jumping-off spot for Ngapali. All of this area’s visitor facilities are strewn in the coconut groves immediately behind the beach, which serves as a springboard for snorkeling and diving trips to offshore islets. Flying is also the easiest way to reach Sittwe, at the mouth of the Kaladan River, the most popular access point for the ruined medieval city of Mrauk U.

Getting Around

Delta towns are accessible by road. There is also a slow overnight ferry from Yangon to Pathein. Flights from Yangon to Sittwe and Thandwe operate daily, year round, but tend to be over booked December to February. Boats from Taungup (north of Thandwe) to Sittwe do the nine-hour journey five times a week. Ferries and boats leave Sittwe each morn ing for Mrauk U; the journey takes five to seven hours, depending on the vessel. Taxis make the same trip, but are more expensive. Mrauk U can also be reached on a grueling overland bus journey from Yangon or Bagan via Magway.

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