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Hkakabo Razi

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Putao’s northern horizon is  dominated by the con- voluted, ice-encrusted  summit of Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar’s highest mountain at 19,294 ft (5,881m). The first ascent of the peak was made by a Japanese expedition as recently as 1996. In the same year,  American conser- vationist Alan  Rabinowitz surveyed the area’s wildlife and discovered herds of  Himalayan blue sheep, takin, red panda, stone martens, and an endemic species of leaf deer (Muntiacus putaoensis) hitherto  unknown to science. His find- ings led to the creation of a  national park, which now nominally protects a 1,500-sq-mile (2,424-sq-km) tract of rain forest and Alpine valleys around the mountain. A 10-day round trip is required to reach Hkakabo Razi’s base camp, and access to the park is permitted only to those foreign travelers who are on prearranged tours,  either via government- approved agents or  through the two hotels cur- rently operating in Putao.

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