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One of the greatest of all Bagan’s temples, Htilominlo dominates the northern group of monuments and is the very antithesis of the nearby Upali Thein: a soaring, triumphant building whose tapering central spire reaches 150 ft (46 m) into the sky. King Nantaungmya (r. 1211–34), son of a con cubine and therefore several notches down the line of succession, commissioned it to mark his  ascent to the throne after a div- ination ritual involving a tilting  white umbrella. Built in splendid late­Burmese style, with a main vestibule that is oriented to the rising sun, the temple is the last example of its kind erected in Bagan. Patches of ornate stone carving and stucco survive around the doorways, arches, and ped iments outside. The interior houses four gilded Buddhas on each of its two floors, facing the cardinal points.

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