Indawgyi Lake



Indawgyi Lake

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One of the few standout attractions in Kachin State accessible to foreign visitors is beautiful Indawgyi Lake, a long day’s journey by rail and road west of Myitkyina. Despite being marginally larger than Inle, the lake sees hardly any tourists and supports only a scattering of poor Kachin and Shan villages along its shores –  a consequence of an old super- stition stating that the waters  were the home of a demon. Not until a Buddhist pagoda was built on an islet in the middle of the lake during the Konbaung era did people start to settle in the area. Connected to land by a narrow causeway that is only accessible during the dry season, the gilded Shwe Myintzu Pagoda has become a revered  pilgrimage destination. Worship- pers from all over the country  travel here during Tabaung for the 10-day pagoda festival.

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