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Mount Zwegabin

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The definitive landform among the many outlandish limestone outcrops and massifs blistering the otherwise flat terrain beyond Hpa-an is Mount Zwegabin (2,373 ft/732 m), whose forested flanks surge upward from the vivid green rice fields. Legend has it that the hill is the home of local spirits and souls.

Reached via a steep flight of stone and cement steps, Zwegabin’s summit holds a small, lonely monastery, staffed by a couple of young monks who welcome visits from the odd party of pilgrims willing  to brave the heat and the vora- cious troops of macaques that  patrol the approach path. After a stiff hike of around two hours, the effort is repaid with an astounding view that is at its most sublime around sunrise.  To reach the top in time, how- ever, visitors will have to set  out in the middle of the night, as foreigners are no longer permitted to spend the night in the monastery.

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