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Ngwe Saung

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Located a couple of bays south of Chaungtha, Ngwe Saung has marginally whiter sand and  bluer water than its near neigh- bor, and although neither are  on a par with the beach at Ngapali (see p106), in distant Rakhine, the resort makes for a pleasant stop. The area was closed for a few years after 2008’s devas tating Cyclone Nargis, which, together with the long journey time from Yangon, has slowed the pace of develop ment. Confined to the north end of the 6­mile (10­km) beach, resort com plexes are  still few in num ber; more low- key hotels and budget guest- houses cluster in the south.  Various small islands offshore and a more distant cove to the south beyond Sinma village are offered as day trips by local boatmen. The water becomes clearer away from the coast and most of the hotels offer masks and snorkels to rent.

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