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Pindaya Caves

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A popular day trip from Inle, Pindaya is a complex of three caverns honeycombing the flanks of a steep hillside. The largest of them, extending 490 ft (150 m) into the rock, has become a major Buddhist pilgrimage site due to the 8,000 gilded Konbaung-era Buddhas inside. Dating to the late 1700s, they come in a variety of sizes and styles, but it is the ensemble that makes the real impact. After a stiff walk up the 200-step pathway, or via the road and eleva tor, the sight of  the golden statues vividly illu mi nated against the stalactite- encrusted ceiling and rock walls is one few visi tors forget.  After a tour of the caves, the restaurants along the breezy shores of nearby Pone Ta Lote Lake offer a welcome break.

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