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Sin Myar Shin

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One of a trio of shrines standing in a neat row just south of the main road, this double­story temple is capped by a richly gilded corncob spire. Two Buddha images preside over the main hall on the first floor, while four Buddhas facing the cardinal points sit in the upper chamber. Traces of original murals remain  throughout, along with paint- ings from the Konbaung era of  the 18th and 19th centuries.

However, the best reason to come to this shrine is for the chance to scramble up to its high terrace below the main tower for glorious views of the  sun rise or sunset. Very few visi- tors to Bagan realize that the  authorities still permit people to climb Sin Myar Shin, so the terrace rarely has more than a handful of people. This is a particularly good place to come to admire the Thatbyinnyu and Ananda temples, both located only a short distance north, and floodlit to spectacular effect in the evenings.

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