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Yangon Street Finder

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Navigating Yangon can be a challenge. The lack of standard Burmese transliteration  means that street names appear with differ- ent spellings even on the same maps, and  may not always correspond to those in this guide. Some roads are also known by more than one name, having been renamed after Independence. Except in the downtown area, street numbers are not often displayed, and those that are tend to be in Burmese script. The map references given for all hotels, restaurants, shops, and sights in this guide  refer to the Street Finder maps on the follow- ing pages. The letter and number in the map  reference give the grid reference on the main  map. The key map below shows the area cov- ered by the main map. Symbols used on the  map are given in the key below. The opposite page has an index of street names and places of interest marked on the Street Finder map.

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